How a bit of procrastination helped me to get the right motivation

By Gianni Angelini, Professional Technical Writer and Masters Student.

So, finally the game is over: I did it!

I worked out how to accomplish my first Masters research report! If I look backward, here’s what I see: one week of procrastination, one week of gathering data and thinking about what to write, and one week of actual writing. It was a pain in the *** to start (I’m not a native English speaker, you can imagine what writing in English means to me!), then I needed a lot of time just to get ideas about how to manage it, and finally a quite enjoyable experience with academic writing.

What’s the lesson?

I think that carefully planning your writing and staying on track is definitely a good thing, but, at the same time, some of us maybe have a different pace. For me, at least, strictly adhering to a well-structured plan can be a source of stress. I need to think first, get ideas, and finally follow a strong motivation coming from myself. This means that sometimes a bit of procrastination is just a way your mind tells you “take it easy! just think about that and find your way!”.

Don’t take me wrong: really, I’m not saying that starting as early as possible to work at your essay or report isn’t the right strategy. I’m just saying that there is a creative side in writing (yes, also in academic writing!), where your mind needs time to think and work on its own.

So, to sum up what just happened to me, don’t feel stressed if you need some time to start your work, just enjoy that “wasted” time to think and get your best ideas!


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