Writing-talk Advocates advocate for talking about writing. The Regional Writing Centre came into being ten years ago with the goal of initiating and perpetuating a conversation on writing, believing then and now that everyone can write, but that we become better writers when we share our stories about how we write, how we assess the writing situation and how we negotiate our process, in short: what works and what doesn’t work when we write.

It is with that in mind that we set up a blog: Writing-talk, UL, where anyone from anywhere can share their writing experiences with others. Knowing that others struggle with writing makes us realise that we are not alone. Hearing about some clever strategy that another student had employed in an effort to get an A  on his or her paper might be something that we benefit from as well. Hearing about other’s processes, their writing situations and their strategies for overcoming obstacles makes us all aware of a whole set of options that we might not have realised were available to us all along.

We hope that writers, whether they hate to write or love to write for academic assessment, will devote some time to sharing some of their frustrations and delights for the benefit of others. Help others. Talk about writing. Be a Writing-talk Advocate!

To submit an entry please email us on writingcentre@ul.ie