Writing-talk is looking for people who would like to share their experiences of writing. We are NOT looking for instructions in how to write; rather, we are looking for people to write about how they overcame obstacles when writing for university—some of the ways they tackled the problem(s) and the strategies that finally worked—or how they were overcome by obstacles—what was tried, but ultimately failed. We want contributors to share their triumphs and their defeats, their exhilarations and their frustrations. Tell us about your experiences of writing for your course. Writing-talk Advocates advocate for talking about writing because, by listening/reading, we can learn a lot about what works and what doesn’t work when writing to get a good grade.

If you wish to make a submission send your entry to and we will reply with any feedback that we have before adding your piece to our blog!

You can also use this opportunity towards your PVA hours. Log on to and search for the Regional Writing Centre. Find the writing-talk advocates page and apply to volunteer.